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About Design Pharma
Working together to develop breakthrough therapeutics

The number of molecules involved in biological communications is almost limitless. Analyzing their interactions with human cells can reveal those diverse molecules in nature that have drug-like properties and which have been previously inaccessible to drug discovery techniques. 

We partner with pharma and biotech to access nature’s chemistry of drug-like molecules to develop groundbreaking therapeutics. Design Pharmaceuticals applies engineering-inspired biotechnologies to access these undiscovered molecules and to identify at an early stage the best drug candidates. Our approach aims to redesign the small molecule drug discovery and development process by mining and optimizing molecules from diverse sources, including natural molecules and bacterial metabolites.

A new paradigm in small molecule drugs

Some aspects of human health are modulated by metabolites arising from bacteria and dietary components, metabolites produced by the host and biochemically modified by gut bacteria, and metabolites that are made de novo by gut microbes. However, discovery of molecules with drug-like properties has been limited by constraints in microorganism culture, insufficient compound production or complex chemical synthesis routes. Our proprietary platform allows us to access, screen, and structurally diversify bioactive molecules for novel therapeutics, unlocking unique chemicals with drug-like properties and pre-optimized by nature.

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